What is Hoarrd?

A few months ago my phone vibrated, leaving me perplexed for a moment before I realized I was receiving an incoming call.

“Hello?” I asked nervously, my senses strangely tingling on alert.

Arr! I can’t read, mate. Them’s all jumbles to me.Captain Hoarrd aboard The Narwhal.

“ARR!” A voice grunted back.

“Excuse me?”

“Get your wits about ye boy! I’ve come back, and I come bearing my namesake!”

“Captain Hoarrd?” I asked.

Thus began the inception of this website, whose purpose is to catalog, polish, and present to the world the findings of Captain Hoarrd. Helping him are myself, Riki Tanone, and my partner in crime Paul Kinzett. The myriad of design treasures to be presented and discussed here includes UI kits, icons, themes, and other design jewels of such nature. And of course some freebies for you freebooters out there!

Currently we’re in a BETA stage of sorts while we release our first free UI kit. We’re hoping to get feedback and fix any issues that people may find with not only the kit but everything else we’re doing as well (e.g. our site still has a few non-critical bugs).

We hope to do justice to the exhibition of these design treasures uncovered from the buried depths, and we hope you have fun perusing and discussing them with other design enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in contributing to this site by writing an article or offering freebies, or if you have any other inquiry, please shoot us an email.

The Crew