Introducing the most versatile Bootstrap UI kit

Adaptable to many styles, check out these samples to see the possibilities!

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Here are some features o’ the loot for ya.

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Bootstrap 3

A complete set of Bootstrap’s components (plus a few extra goodies) in HTML and PSD .

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The fluid layout will adapt to any screen resolution, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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All graphical elements are created in vector format, adaptable to use in any size.

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Easy to install

Installing the Bootstrap files only requires an upload and pasting one line of code.

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Free fonts

The HTMLs come with 2 CSS, one for Source Sans Pro, and one for Merriweather fonts.

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Color swatches

Change color schemes easily on the fly by using color swatches.

The hours of work you'll save will easily pay for this kit!

Think of how much more gold you can make by quickly finishing your project using this beautiful kit. Besides, we only ask for a hand ‘n half a leg, you can replace ’em with a hook and peg leg. Arr!

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Designer’s Booty

  • The budget option for designers. This package uses Font Awesome instead of SS Junior for icons. This package contains:
  • PSDs of all Bootstrap components (preview)
  • Extra PSD components (preview)
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Captain’s Hoarrd

  • PSDs of all Bootstrap components
  • HTML of all Bootstrap components
  • Extra PSD components
  • Sample mockup PSDs
  • SS Junior webfont icons
  • Drunken Parrot Icons
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Developer's Booty

  • The budget option for developers. This package contains:
  • HTMLs of all Bootstrap components (preview)
  • SS Junior webfont icons (preview)
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