Drunken Parrot UI Kit Lite (free)

Here’s our first UI kit release, a flat style which we’re calling the Drunken Parrot UI Kit. This version is free, and it comes with both HTML (based on Twitter Bootstrap 3) and PSD files.

Drunken Parrot UI Kit Lite (FREE HTML + PSD)

All of the elements included are part of Twitter Bootstrap 3, and we’ve included a few custom elements for fun. We used a 980px grid to ensure optimal flexibility for the majority of people, and free fonts and icons were used for this free version. We’re working on various other things such as icons, sample mockups, etc., so updates should be coming in the coming days/weeks.

We’re looking for as much feedback as we can get on this to help us improve the product. We will be looking to release a premium version in a few weeks, so any feedback will be great. Sneak peeks are forthcoming, but for now please enjoy this free version that we’ve worked so hard on!

Drunken Parrot UI Kit Lite

Below is a screenshot preview of the kit, but you can also view a demo HTML version over on our GitHub page, or you can download the zipped HTML files here and the PSD file here.

Drunken Parrot UI Kit Lite (FREE HTML + PSD)